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How to get the best of high performance aircraft (single and twin), many photos and graphs.

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Description of the most famous flights around the World, but covers mainly American flights. A chapter is devoted to Conrad. Short bibliography, no maps.

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The most famous woman pilots. Photos, bibliography.

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Louise Sacchi did more than 333 ferry flights across the world. How to fly across the seas. Written a long time before the 'GPS', therefore a bit old.

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Biographiy of Post's navigator, with some inside view on Post.

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Autobiography of Mrs. Bruce describing her adventures and records on land; sea and in the air.

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Second of two books on American woman pilots. Short chapter on Jerrie Mock and Joan Smih.

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Young Baron's flight in his Klemm.Photos and maps. Out of print.

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Describes the flight between Berlin and Bushire. Photos and map. Out of print.

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Tait's many ferry flights after his 'round the world flight. Plenty of advice on how to fly above water.. Photos.

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The most famous of all flight around the wold, nine days non stop, without refuelling.A record that will be difficult to beat.

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Flight around the world in a Sikorsky helicopter. Beautiful photos.

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New version of Lowell Thomas' book (1924), The First World Flight, which is out of print..

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